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Want to purchase ceramic separator? This ultimate solution guide would help you with everything about buying lithium ion battery separator.

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Battery Separator function

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The separators in battery are more than just “plastic film,” They play a vital role in the lithium battery’s performance and safety. Quality battery separator materials are the first step in manufacturing excellent lithium-ion batteries.

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Advantages of YOUME Ceramic Separator

  • Less shrinkage
  • Lower lifetime costs
  • Less heat generation
  • Longer battery cycle life
  • High voltage functionality
  • Highly resistant to cracking
  • Thermally and chemically stable
  • Non-flammable, oxidation-resistant polymer

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Functional Coating Available

Alumina(AI2O3) Coated

  • Enhanced Thermal Stability(low thermal shrinkage)
  • Increased Mechanical Strength
  • Better Electrolyte wettability
  • Enhanced Electrochemical Performance
  • Improved Safety & cycle life

Boehmite(γ-AlOOH) Coated

  • Enhanced Thermal Stability(low thermal shrinkage)
  • Low self-generation rate
  • Enhanced Electrochemical Performance
  • Improved Safety & cycle life

Water-base PVDF Coated

  • Enhanced Electrochemical Performance
  • Improved Binder Compatibility
  • Better Electrolyte wettability
  • Improved Mechanical Strength

Water-base PVDF +Alumina Coated

  • Enhanced Thermal Stability(low thermal shrinkage)
  • Better Electrolyte wettability
  • Improved oxidant resistance
  • Enhanced Electrochemical Performance

Ceramic separator manufacturing process

Raw Material Testing

Battery Separator Slitting

ceramic separator slurry

Prepare Ceramic Particles Slurry

ceramic coated separator

Finished Product Testing

Ceramic Particles Printing

Packaging & Warehousing

Typical Properties of ceramic separator

The battery separator should have a sufficient tensile strength in both MD and TD directions to prevent stretching during the winding process and be thin enough to increase the cell capacity.

The battery separator material should be able to hold the electrolyte and also allows the ionic transport between the electrodes. Typically, lithium-ion battery separators have a porosity of 40%.

The thermal shrinkage of the battery separator at high temperatures significantly restricts the electrochemical performance, particularly lithium batteries’ high-temperature stability.

The battery separator must be mechanically strong enough to resist damage caused by sharp objects’ impact and withstand the winding operation’s tension during battery assembly.

Air permeability is measured typically as Gurley unit to express the time required for a specific amount of air to pass through a specific separator area under specific pressure.

To protect the cells against short circuits and overcharge, the battery separator should be able to shut down at a temperature slightly lower than the temperature where thermal runaway occurs.

Applications of ceramic coated separator

With the growth of various consumer electronic products that bring convenience to people’s lives, the demand for small lithium batteries is also rising. Lithium battery manufacturers are paying more attention to improving lithium batteries’ safety performance, battery capacity, and lifespan.

Our ceramic separator possess the properties of high safety, thermally and chemically stability, and longer battery cycle life, which is ideal for small consumer electronic devices type of batteries.

Consumer electronics

Due to the environmental pollution caused by the automobile industry and the rise in oil prices, more customers are seeking clean and renewable energy solutions to replace fossil fuels. The transformation of energy around humankind’s sustainable development has driven the demand for electric vehicles to rise steadily, contributing to the rising demand for lithium batteries.

We offer versatile battery separator solutions that meet electric drive vehicles(EDV) performance demands, including higher safety, chemical stability, and cycle life.

Electric Vehicle

Today, the application of clean energy, such as solar and wind energy, has become a global trend. The energy storage systems are critical in the application of clean energy. Lithium-ion batteries are ideal for large energy storage systems. However, these large energy storage systems also demand lithium-ion batteries with large battery capacity and fast charge and discharge rates.

YOUME provides a wide range of ceramic separators to improve safety and enhance battery performance in these high-energy applications.

energy storage system

Benefits of our Ceramic Coated Separator

SEM Image

Particle Size


Ceramic Coating


Ceramic Coating






Ceramic Coating

150℃ X 10min

160℃ X 10min

170℃ X 10min

180℃ X 10min

Battery Separator Nail Penetration Test







Battery Separator Impact Test







Short Circuit Test (room temperature)







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Full-service ceramic coated separator customized for you

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We can customize a specification of our product, such as thickness, width, length, coating, etc., for your request. If you are interested, please get in touch with us anytime.


Custom the width of the battery membrane


Custom the thickness of the separator 9 μm ~ 25 μm


Heat resistant coatings/Adhesive coatings /Surfactant coatings


Custom the packaging of the separators

Estimated wholesale price

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Sample Product Fee

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70% Final Fee

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