PE Separator 9 μm PE membrane Ceramic Coated


Model Number: 9LP+3
Material: PE separator
Coating: Ceramic coated

Our ceramic-coated lithium ion pe battery separator is the essential material for lithium-ion batteries (LIB) which has been used in the broad fields of LIB application for many years.


Improved Battery Safety
Longer Battery Cycle Life
Higher Battery Performance

Product Description

9LP+3 series ceramic-coated lithium ion pe separator is fabricated of 9μm thickness PE base film, and its surface is coated with a nano-scale Al2O3 layer. After special chemical printing treatment, the Al2O3 material is printed on the surface of the base film, which significantly improves the high-temperature stability of lithium-ion batteries and enhances battery safety. 9LP+3 series products are one of the safest and most durable battery separator solutions for high-power performance lithium-ion batteries.


Benefits of 9 μm pe separator ceramic-coated


  • Low TD/MD shrinkage reduces internal shorting.
  • Uniform pore structure with high chemical & thermal stability.
  • High porosity for excellent high-rate performance.
  • The ceramic coating layer provided superior high-temperature melt integrity.
  • Offers exceptional safety and longevity for energy applications.


Primary Applications

• Consumer electronics batteries such as notebooks, mobile phones, and digital cameras (mainly pouch type of cell)
• High safety and high-frequency charge batteries for electric vehicles(large cell package)
• Fast charging and discharging batteries for electric storage systems (large cell package)
• Other types of cells(e.g., cylindrical)


Typical Properties


Film Properties Unit of Measure Typical Value
Overall Thickness μm 12±2
Base Film Thickness μm 9±1
Ceramic(Al2O3) Layer Thickness μm 3±1
Gurley (JIS) Seconds/100ml 180±40
Porosity(calculated) % 40±4
TD Shrinkage @ 130℃ / 1 hours  % ≤3
MD Shrinkage @ 130℃ / 1 hours  % ≤3
TD Tensile Strength  Mpa ≥130
MD Tensile Strength  Mpa ≥130
Puncture Strength  Grams Force (gf) ≥450
Finished Arch mm/1m ≤2
Static Value KV ≤3
Moisture PPM ≤1200
Peel Strength N/cm ≥0.5


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Functional coatings available

Ceramic coatings

Improved oxidative stability, wettability, short prevention, and excellent structural integrity at an elevated temperature while maintaining overall separator thickness.

Adhesive coatings

Adhesive coatings can improve wettability and provide strong electrode adhesion. Therefore, it can enhance the integrity, safety, and cycle life of the battery cell.

Combined Coatings

We provide combined coating solutions to meet customers’ various needs. Combined coating contributes to chemical stability and thermal stability within the battery cell.



  • Single package size: 60X45X28 cm
  • Single gross weight: 18.0 kg
  • Package-Type: paper carton

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